MR JOBS FINDER [MRJF] has closed and your BNB has been Refunded




We had previously released the beta version @

but we decided to stop working on developing the project.
Unfortunately, we carried out many marketing campaigns to make the token success, but they were unsuccessful. That is why we decided to stop trading the MRJF token from today 4/1/2022, as now it is not possible to sell, send or exchange the MRJF token in any way. Until the end of the voting, which we will propose to you.


Refunded amount

After we withdrew the liquidity from Pancakeswap and from the rest of the developers' wallets, it was found that the total value is approximately 44.02 BNB, and thus we recalculated the amount that will be returned in BNB form for each person.

we will return per 1 million MRJF = 0.00922076 * 2.26 = 0.0208389176 BNB
Thus, every 1 million MRJF will be returned to 0.0208389176 BNB
We updated the Excel file and You can check your wallet to see how much BNB you will get through this link


Payment proof

There are some wallets that contained small amounts, for example $2 or less, which is approximately 2Million of MRJF,

The BNB was sent manually to them. Therefore, you may not find them in the proof links, but you can manually check your wallet through bscscan.


Quick numbers and stats

We now have 1101 wallets with MRJF token, that we will return the BNB to them instead of the MRJF they own.
All 1101 wallets own a total of 2,103,741,870 MRJF
We will return per 1 million MRJF = 0.00922076 * 2.26 = 0.0208389176 BNB
Thus, the total amount that will be returned is 43.83970346 BNB
And the network fee for transfers to 1101 addresses, it will be approximately 0.1896 BNB

Thus, the grand total is close to or equal to the collected liquidity that we have, which is 44.02 BNB


Please note that the MRJF will remain in your wallet, but it is useless.
As the liquidity was re-withdrawn and the balance returned to you in the form of BNB.
We have also programmatically stopped selling or sending any currency from MRJF so that you do not send or use it incorrectly.


All social media accounts will be deleted on 20/1/2022
And the site will be deleted on 1/4/2022

If you have any questions, email us: